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Use the following checklist to ensure you have completed all the required steps before deploying the airgap Palette installation.

  • Create a vSphere VM and Template folder named spectro-templates.

  • Import the Operating System and Kubernetes distribution OVA required for the installation and place the OVA in the spectro-templates folder.

  • Append the r_ prefix and remove the .ova suffix from the OVA name after the import.

  • Start the airgap setup binary and verify the setup is completed successfully.

  • Review the list of pack binaries to download and upload to your OCI registry.

  • If you have custom SSL certificates you want to include, copy the custom SSL certificates, in base64 PEM format, to the support VM. The custom certificates must be placed in the /opt/spectro/ssl folder. Include the following files:

    • server.crt
    • server.key