• One or more running workload clusters within the project

Create your Workspace

Basic Information

Provide basic information for the Workspace such as:

  • Unique Name
  • Optional Description
  • Optional Tag

Associate Clusters

  • Select cluster(s) to be added to the Workspace. Palette clusters, as well as brownfield clusters, could be added to your Workspace.
  • Configure the Cluster Role Binding (Optional). Optionally role bindings could be created on all Workspace clusters.
    • In step 2 of new workspace creation, select ‘Add Cluster Role Binding.’
    • Provide the name of the role for which the cluster role binding needs to be created. The role should be pre-existing or an in-built system role. Palette does not create cluster roles.
    • Subjects for the cluster role binding can be groups, users, or service accounts.
Subject typeSubject nameSubject namespace
Usera valid path segment nameNA
Groupa valid path segment nameNA
Service Accounta valid path segment nameGranting super-user access to all service accounts cluster-wide is strongly discouraged. Hence Grant a role to all service accounts in a namespace

Associate Namespaces

  • Enter one or more namespaces that need to be part of the Workspace. The combination of Workspace and cluster is unique across workspaces in a project. Palette ensures that all the namespaces are created for all the clusters in the workspaces, in case they are not pre-existing.
  • Add resource quota for the namespaces by specifying CPU and Memory limits (Optional).
  • Configure the Role Binding (Optional). The following information is required for each role binding:
    • Select a namespace
    • Specific name for the role which is pre-existing
    • Make the selection of Subjects from the drop-down (User, Group, or ServiceAccount)

For the subject selected, provide a valid path segment name. For the subject, ServiceAccount select namespace name as granting super-user access to all service accounts cluster-wide is strongly discouraged due to security concerns.

  • Confirm the information provided to complete the configuration of role binding.