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Introduction to Palette

Palette is a complete and integrated platform that enables organizations to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of any combination of new or existing, simple or complex, small or large Kubernetes environments, whether in a data center or the cloud.

With a unique approach to managing multiple clusters, Palette gives IT teams complete control, visibility, and production-scale efficiencies to provide developers with highly curated Kubernetes stacks and tools based on their specific needs, with granular governance and enterprise-grade security.

Palette VerteX edition is also available to meet the stringent requirements of regulated industries such as government and public sector organizations. Palette VerteX integrates Spectro Cloud’s Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 cryptographic modules. To learn more about FIPS-enabled Palette, check out Palette VerteX.

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What Makes Palette Different?

Palette provides benefits to developers and platform engineers who maintain Kubernetes environments.

Full-Stack Management

Unlike rigid and prepackaged Kubernetes solutions, Palette allows users to construct flexible stacks from OS, Kubernetes, container network interfaces (CNI), and container storage interfaces (CSI) to additional add-on application services. As a result, the entire stack - not just the infrastructure - of Kubernetes is deployed, updated, and managed as one unit, without split responsibility from virtual machines, base OS, Kubernetes infra, and add-ons.

End-to-End Declarative Lifecycle Management

Palette offers the most comprehensive profile-based management for Kubernetes. It enables teams to drive consistency, repeatability, and operational efficiency across multiple clusters in multiple environments with comprehensive day 0 - day 2 management. Check out the Cluster Profiles page to learn more about how cluster profiles simplifies cluster deployment and maintenance.

Any Environment

Palette has the richest coverage in supported environments that includes:

  • Public Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Tencent TKE. Palette supports both IaaS and managed Kubernetes services AWS EKS, Azure AKS and Google GKE.
  • Data Centers: VMware, Nutanix, and OpenStack
  • Bare Metal: Canonical MAAS
  • Edge