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Postman Collection

Spectro Cloud provides a Postman collection for your convenience to help you interact with the Spectro Cloud API.


To interact with the API, you will need the following:

  • Postman application v10.2.2 or greater.

  • A base URL for the Palette API. The default Palette API endpoint is, but the base URL will be different for self-hosted Palette installation. Contact your system administrator to find your base URL.

  • An authentication credential.


Two forms of authentication are available to interact with the Spectro Cloud API:

  • An Authentication header with a token value.
  • An API Key with an ApiKey value.

Learn more about authentication methods in Palette documentation.

Import the Postman Collection

Use the following URL to import your configuration into Postman:

  1. Open the Import dialog.

  2. Select the Link tab and copy/paste the URL in the field as shown in the screenshot.

  3. Click the Continue button.

  4. Click on the Import button.

Postman imports your collection and lists it under Import Complete.

Copy/paste the URL in the Import dialog as a link.

Find details about importing in Postman's import/export tutorial.