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Add Roles and Role Bindings

Learn how to configure user roles and cluster role bindings for Virtual Machines managed by Palette Virtual Machine Orchestrator.

Clone a VM

Learn how to clone a VM from a template using Palette Virtual Machine Orchestrator.

Create a VMO Profile

Learn how to create a cluster profile to utilize Palette Virtual Machine Orchestrator capabilities.

Set up virtctl

Set up KubeVirt virtctl to facilitate VM operations in Palette Virtual Machine Orchestrator

Standard VM Operations

Learn about standard VM operations that you can perform using Palette Virtual Machine Orchestrator.

Update VM Configuration

Learn how to add disk storage and network interfaces to a VM using Palette Virtual Machine Orchestrator.

Virtual Machine Orchestrator

Learn about the Palette's Virtual Machine Orchestrator solution for managing containerized and virtualized applications.

VM Performance

Learn how to improve VM performance by maximizing virtual machine CPU and memory using Palette.