What is Palette?

Palette is a complete and integrated platform that enables organizations to easily manage the entire lifecycle of any combination of new or existing, simple or complex, small or large Kubernetes environments, whether in a data center or the cloud.

With a unique approach to managing multiple clusters, Palette gives IT teams complete control, visibility and production-scale efficiencies to provide developers with highly-curated Kubernetes stacks and tools based on their specific needs, with granular governance and enterprise-grade security.


What makes Spectro Cloud different?

Full-stack management

Unlike rigid and prepackaged Kubernetes solutions, Palette allows users to construct flexible stacks from OS, Kubernetes, CNI, CSI to additional add-on application services. As a result, the entire stack - not just the infrastructure - of Kubernetes is deployed, updated and managed as one unit, without split responsibility from virtual machines, base OS, Kubernetes infra, and add-ons.

End-to-end declarative lifecycle management

Palette offers the most comprehensive profile-based management for Kubernetes, enabling teams to drive consistency, repeatability and operational efficiency across multiple clusters in multiple environments, with comprehensive day 0 - day 2 management.

Any environment

Palette has the richest coverage in supported environments, including public clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (both IaaS and managed K8s services EKS/AKS/GKE); data center: VMware, OpenStack; Bare metal: Canonical MaaS; Edge.

What is under the hood?

Palette uniquely extends and integrates CNCF’s open-source Cluster API project and provides comprehensive full-stack modeling and orchestration, governance, security and day0, day1, day2 management capabilities.

With Palette’s Cluster Profiles, teams can define full-stack clusters that include both the K8s infrastructure, as well as any add-on application services. Cluster Profiles enable a repeatable way to deploy and reuse clusters across any environment. Palette also enables importing of existing Kubernetes environments and creating equivalent Cluster Profiles.


Who can benefit from the Spectro Cloud platform?


Development teams will get the flexibility and freedom they are looking for to increase the speed of innovation, whether it is the cluster template with the add-on application services or choose a Kubernetes version with integrations like logging, monitoring, service mesh for your application development. They need not worry about Kubernetes configurations but focus on the stuff that really matters!

IT Operations and SREs

Declarative management makes life easier for IT teams, with consistency, repeatability and all the enterprise-grade controls and governance they need - especially when moving to production! Cluster Profiles enable them to define and re-use full-stack clusters and support them across the full lifecycle without having to write scripts, as well as integrate with existing tools and methodologies.

IT Executives

With an open and enterprise-grade platform, IT leaders can get peace of mind without being locked into any proprietary orchestration technologies or one-size-fits-all solutions. This helps lower the TCO and reduce the operational risk.