MinIO Overview

MinIO is a Kubernetes-native high performance object store with an Amazon S3-compatible API. Use MinIO to build high performance infrastructure for machine learning, analytics, and application data workloads.

MinIO supports deploying MinIO tenants onto private and public cloud infrastructures, bare metal infrastructure, orchestrated environments, and edge infrastructure. Each MinIO tenant represents an independent MinIO object store in the Kubernetes cluster. It supports one MinIO tenant per Namespace.

MinIO extends the Kubernetes API to support deploying MinIO-specific resources as a tenant in a Kubernetes cluster.

The MinIO kubectl minio plugin wraps the Operator to provide a simplified interface for deploying and managing MinIO Tenants in a Kubernetes cluster through the kubectl command line tool.


  • An existing Kubernetes deployment where at least one worker node has a locally attached drive.
  • A local kubectl installation configured to create and access resources on the target Kubernetes deployment.

Version Supported

MinIO 8.0.10.

MinIO Templates

MinIO provides the following templates:

  • Helm Chart
  • Cluster role and cluster role binding
  • Console templates for deployment, ingress, service, user interface
  • Tenants
  • Deployment
  • Service account service