Try Palette for Free

Palette Free Tier encourages new users to explore Palette, without having to make a purchase decision, before they are ready. With unlimited kilo-Core-hour usage the first month, there is full access to the Spectro Cloud Palette Platform to create, deploy, and manage Palette resources.

The second month and every month thereafter, the customer is granted a complimentary 25 kilo-Core-hour (kCh) to use freely to manage up to five Kubernetes clusters with Palette.

There is the choice to continue in the Free Tier, so long as you stay under the 25 kCh consumption. Go over the usage limit of 25 kCh, and the clusters remain visible, but convert to Read-Only. Palette sends alert messages to users when 25 kCh is crossed, and if more than five active clusters are launched further deployments will be restricted. Enter a payment and all usage and capabilities are restored.

Kilo-Core-hour Calculations

Usage is calculated as a concept of kilo-Core-hour or kCh. This is a measurement of the number of CPU Cores multiplied by Time. For instance, for a 4-node cluster which has 16 CPU cores each, one day of management will equate to 4 x 16 CPU cores x 24 hours = 1.54 kCh.

Get Started with Palette Free Tier Today

Three simple steps to get started with Palette Free Tier today:

  1. Request a Palette account by visiting signup link.
  1. Enter your email credentials, first and last name, and click Submit to start your free trial. You will receive an email message welcoming you to Palette and requesting that you set your password.
  1. Click on the Set your password button, and it will take you to the Palette Platform. This link has an expiration limit. Proceed to explore Palette.