The on-prem system console enables an initial setup and onboarding, administration, as well as upgrade management of the Spectro Cloud Platform. The on-prem system console is available in a "quick start" mode and an "enterprise" mode.

Platform administrators can use this console to perform the following operations:

Tenant ManagementCreate and activate tenants
Update ManagementUpgrade Spectro Cloud platform to newer versions
AdministrationConfigure platform settings like SMTP, Certificates, etc.
Migrate quick start mode cluster to enterpriseAvailable in quick start mode to install an enterprise cluster

Tenant Management

Create new tenants and their initial tenant admin accounts. Optionally, activate new tenants to enable tenant administrators to log in and access the tenant management console.

Update Management

Apply Spectro Cloud platform upgrades. Upgrades to the Spectro Cloud platform are published to the Spectro Cloud repository and a notification is displayed on the console when new versions are available. Platform administrators can apply platform upgrades directly from the on-prem system console.



Configure SMTP settings to enable the Spectro Cloud platform to send out email notifications. Email Notifications are sent out to new users when they are onboarded to the platform so they can activate their accounts.


Provide the desired SSL/TLS server certificates to support external access to valid HTTPs.

Cluster Management

Manages the clusters. Enterprise clusters are created and deployed from this section. The layers and/or pack integrations constituting a cluster can also be configured and updated.