Palette is offering complimentary compute resources to the developers who sign up for Palette Dev Engine. These developers can use this compute resources to either,

  • Provision a Palette Virtual Cluster to get full access to all the namespaces
  • Deploy an application (profile) which would in turn spin up a Palette Virtual Cluster

In either case, they are governed by the quota set by Spectro Cloud. There is no limit to the number of application profiles they can model. We offer 12 vCPU, 16 GiB of memory, and 20 GiB of storage complimentary to the developers.

Quickly Explore

  1. Log in to Palette Free tier account using the Social sign-in credentials such as Google or Git Hub.
  1. The user logs in to the Dev Engine console, where all his primary resources are created and allocated by Palette System Admin.

  2. These resources can be used by the developer to:

Palette Developer Engine provides the following additional capabilities for developers who want to explore our product in depth:

  1. Create your application profiles and deploy your applications.
  1. Switching between the App Mode to Cluster Mode exploring all the Palette capabilities starting from cloud account creation, cluster creation, cluster day two operations, etc.
  1. Host the Palette Virtual Cluster on your enterprise host cluster groups (host clusters deployed on developer datacenter/environments).