When you install the Private Cloud Gateway (PCG), a cloud account is auto-created in every project in Palette. You can use this cloud account to create clusters at either the tenant or the project level. If desired, you can create additional cloud accounts that reference specific PCGs.


  • An active MAAS API key which can be generated in the MAAS web console under My Preferences > API keys. The following is an example key:


    For details, refer to the MAAS document on how to add an API key.

Register a MAAS cloud account

Follow these steps to create additional MAAS cloud accounts.

  1. Log in to Palette as a tenant admin.
  1. Navigate to the Main Menu and select Tenant Settings > Cloud Accounts.
  1. Locate MAAS on the Cloud Accounts page and click Add MAAS Account.
  1. Enter values for properties listed in the following table.
Account NameCustom name for the cloud name.
Select Private Cloud GatewaySelect your MAAS cloud gateway from the drop-down Menu.
API EndpointAPI Endpoint of the gateway.
API KeyThe MAAS API key.


You can validate your MAAS cloud account is registered by reviewing the Cloud Accounts page. Ensure your account is listed under MAAS.

Next Steps

Deploy a Kubernetes cluster to one of your MAAS accounts. Check out Create and Manage MAAS Cluster for guidance.