MAAS Bare-Metal Kubernetes Architecture

The following are some architectural highlights of bare-metal Kubernetes clusters that Palette deploys using Canonical MAAS. Canonical MAAS is an open-source tool that lets you discover, commission, deploy and re-deploy operating systems to physical servers.

  • Palette integrates with MAAS through Spectro Cloud’s open source Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Cluster API provider.
  • Palette provides a cloud-like experience for deploying clusters on bare metal servers. The result is increased performance at minimal cost and operational effort.
  • A Private Cloud Gateway (PCG) that you install into a MAAS cloud using a local installer will facilitate communication between Palette and MAAS. This is necessary because Palette needs to communicate with a specific MAAS server. However, MAAS environments are typically in a private network without a central endpoint. The PCG provides this endpoint and also wraps the MAAS environment into a cloud account that you can target for cluster deployment in Palette.
  • When the PCG is installed, it registers itself with a Palette instance and enables secure communication between the SaaS portal and the private cloud environment. The gateway enables installation and end-to-end lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters in private cloud environments from Palette's SaaS portal.

Network flow from an architectural perspective of how MAAS works with Palette