Palette supports SSH (Secure Shell) encrypted protocol to establish, administer, and communicate with remote clusters. This section will familiarize users with creating and managing SSH Keys in the Palette Management Console.

Scope of your SSH Key

Palette groups the clusters for logical separation as Projects. Users and teams can be assigned one or more roles within a project for granular control over permissions within the project scope. SSH Key authentication established in Palette is applied within the project scope; therefore, we can associate multiple SSH Keys to a single project.

Linking the Tenant SSH Key with Palette Management Console

Before you begin generate, an SSH Key. We encourage using the RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) public-key cryptosystem to initiate a secure handshake between remote clusters for every cloud, data center, and edge environment supported by Palette. The steps to link the tenant SSH Key to Palette Management Console are as follows:

  1. Log in to a Palette console, go to the left-hand side, and from the ribbon menu select Project Settings.
  2. From the Project Settings button, select the SSH Keys tab.
  3. Click open the +Add New SSH Key tab to complete the Add Key form as below:
    • Name: Give a name unique name for the SSH Key.
    • SSH Key: Copy the SSH Key pub file content.
  4. Click Confirm to complete the wizard.

Note: The key created can be edited and deleted later from the Kebab menu against individual keys.

SSH Key authentication is established in Palette and is applied within the project scope. Users can associate multiple SSH Keys to a single project.