Cluster Policies

Cluster policies provide various cluster management and governance operations that can be performed to keep clusters up-to-date, conformant and secure. These operations can be performed on a sheduled basis or on demand as required.

OS Patching

Spectro Cloud deploys Kubernetes clusters using pre-built VM images. The operating system on these images is the latest patch version at the time of building the image for the supported major-minor streams. As an example, if Ubuntu 18.04 is selected for the OS layer during provisioning, the OS on the cluster nodes might be 18.04.3 LTE, assuming that was the latest at the time the VM image was built. However, newer versions continue to be published in the uptstream repositories as improvements, bug fixes and security patches are released. OS Patching, allows operating system on the running clusters nodes to be updated to the latest patch version so that it is up-to-date with the latest fixes. In our example, lets assume 18.04.4 LTE and 18.04.5 LTE are released overtime to fix important security issues. OS Patching operation will identify 18.04.5 as the latest version and upgrade to it on the cluster nodes.

This operation is not available for managed Kubernetes Services like EKS, AKS and GKE.

OS Patching Options

Following choices are available for patching the operating system to the latest version:

Patch OS on Boot

During the cluster creation, while configuring the cluster (Cluster Configuration), the user can select “Patch OS on boot”. In this case the operating system on all cluster nodes will be updated to the latest when the cluster VMs are initially deployed.

OS Patching Schedule

Besides patching on boot, the users also have the option to set a sechedule for OS patching. Patching schecule can be set initially when creating a cluster as well as at any given point later. Following scheduling options are provided:

  • Every week on Sunday at midnight.
  • Every two weeks at midnight.
  • Every month on the 1st at midnight.
  • Every two months on the 1st at midnight.
  • Custom os patch for exact month,day,hour and minute of user’s choice.

Patch Now

This option provides a way to perform an immediate update to the latest version.


During Cluster Creation
Cluster Configuration -> “OS Patching Schedule” or "Patch on Boot"
For a Running Cluster
On demand Patching: Clusters -> Settings -> Machine Management -> On-Demand Update
Scheduled Patching: Clusters -> Settings -> Cluster Settings -> Machine Management -> “OS Patching Schedule”