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Version: v4.1.x


Use the following steps to install and set up the Palette CLI.


  • A Palette account. Click here to create a Palette account.

  • A Palette API key. Refer to the Create API Key reference page to learn how to create an API key.

Download and Setup

  1. Visit the Downloads page and download the Palette CLI by using the URL provided.

  2. Open up a terminal session on your local system.

  3. Navigate to your default download folder. For Mac and Linux environments the default location is ~/Downloads.

  4. Move the binary to a folder that is part of your system's PATH environment variable. Use the following command to move the binary to the /usr/local/bin folder.

sudo mv ~/Downloads/palette /usr/local/bin/palette && \
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/palette

  1. Log in to Palette by using the login command. Replace <YOUR-API-KEY> with your Palette API key. If you are using a Palette self-hosted instance or Palette VerteX, replace the --console-url with your custom Palette URL.

palette login --api-key <YOUR-API-KEY> --console-url


Verify the Palette CLI is part of your system path by issuing the Palette CLI version command.

palette version
Palette CLI version: 4.1.0

Next Steps

Start exploring the Palette CLI by using the --help command with the various commands. The Palette CLI will continue to receive more functionality, so you will want to keep it updated by downloading the newest version and replacing the current binary.